Remington's of Niagara - Seak & Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant Reviews
Remington's meals are outstanding, and well worth the money.
- Stephanie Z.
I was very impressed with the restaurant and service over all at Remington's. I have forwarded your website to numerous friends and acquaintances and I sure hope that they will dine with you in the future.
- Arzina B.
Your staff possess a perfect blend of professionalism and courtesy. We were very impressed with the dinner at Remington’s and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.
- Bev S.
Excellent customer service. Remington's has such flavourful gourmet food.
- Kelly P.
Dinner was exceptional - service and food. We appreciated getting such a great dining experience for the price!!! The singing servers are outstanding and such a unique touch. Thanks. I'm sure we'll see you again. We have told lots of our friends how nice it was, so hopefully they'll dine with you too.
- Elaine F.
The Remington's Gourmet Getaway package meal was one of the finest we have ever eaten and the visit to Remington's will be a memorable one. It was a finer meal than we had anticipated.
- Madeline S.